It is advisable to have at least a day (24 Hours) in between tanning sessions to avoid a risk of any type of sunburn and also give the skin time to start developing a tan.


 It takes between 4-6 weeks to get a tan, depending on your skin type. You can speed up the time to get a tan by coming in 2-3 times a week and using a tan lotion. Dry skin reflects the UV light so up to half your tanning time can be lost as the light is not penetrating to stimulate melanin production.  within 3-5 weeks

 Ministry of Health require one whole day in between tanning sessions. It takes a day for the skin to recover from the previous tan session, so doing two back to back can result in sun damage. If you have sunburn we will not allow you to use the services. It is also not recommended to have a session and then sit in the sun.


 If you are looking to get a tan within a certain time then you should discuss this with our Tan Technician. Our stand-ups have the strongest bulbs, however we focus on Smart Tanning - this means no burning ever. We will not allow you to use the equipment for longer than your skin type can absorb safely.


 Yes. We offer a 10% Discount on 5 and 10 Trip UV Sessions.


 Yes they have a 12 month expiry from purchase

Spray Tans

 You should exfoliate, wax or shave at least 48 hours prior and no later than the night before. Do not do the morning of the tan as you may end up with shaving bumps and tan is attracted more to dry areas, so this will show up as tan dots. Moisturise well the night before so your skin is hydrated. Prior to having a tan, you should remove any product that will act as a barrier - remove deodorant, perfume and make-up if you want your face tanned. We have wet wipes available for you to use.


 Wait 6-8 hours so that the tan develops. While you are waiting for the tan to develop, do not get it wet, do not exercise or sweat or rub the tan. After waiting 6-8 hours you can decide to wash it off or you can sleep in the tan overnight. As there are no bronzers in the product it will not mark your sheets. Just rinse off the developer with warm water. Do not scrub or use body soaps. After you have rinsed, use a towel to dab your skin dry - do not rub. We recommend that you lock in your tan with a moisturiser. Makes sure that it does not contain alcohol as this can strip your tan off.

 You should wear loose fitting clothing and if possible no bra. Anything that is tight around the waist - jeans or skirts, tight fitting on the legs - leggings, jeans or sports or tight bras will wear off your freshly sprayed tan. We also recommend that you do not wear trainers or tight lace up shoes - jandals are best. Loose track pants and breezy top is best; make sure that it is not white.

 We use a bridal spray-tan as it suits all skin types so you do not have to worry about purple, green or brown bases. The tan comes in 3 levels of shades - light, medium and dark. This is achieved by less or more spray-tan being applied to your body.

 Yes you can, as long as your eyelash extensions were applied at least 48 hours prior to your tan. The spray tan product has oils in it which is why we recommend you do not get your tan on the same day.

 A typical spray tan will last 5-7 days, but to keep it looking like a first day tan and to extend up to 10 days, you want to moisturise every day. We recommend using a tan extender product. Skin cells turn over every 28 days that is why it is important to exfoliate to remove all dead cells before you tan. Other cells will continue to die off, so using a moisturiser will ensure that those cells on top that have been tanned remain in place for as long as possible. Things that will reduce tan lifecycle are using exfoliators or shaving, or being on the beach where sand acts as a natural exfoliator. 

Tan Products

 Dry skin reflects UV light so a lotion absorbs the UV light straight away so it maximises your tan time. UV light also prematurely ages skin so your skin needs to remain hydrated and moisturised. Our products have additional ingredients that also assist in faster melanin production and extends the life of your tan. After a tan session you should leave the product on as they have skin loving ingredients. You cannot use oils or lotions that are not specifically for use on UV equipment as this can cloud and damage the acrylic. There are 3 types of tanning products - Maximser/Accelerators/Bronzers/Hot Tingle. Our tanning technicians can assist you in choosing the best product for you to use based on skin sensitivity, how fast your want a tan and how dark a tan you are looking for.

Classic Tan

 Absolutely, simply click our make an appointment to the left of the screen

 Yes there are limitations on who can tan. The Ministry of Health requires that only people over the age of 18 can tan using tanning equipment. Also, people assessed with a skin type 1 cannot tan as their skin tends to burn and never tans. Classic Tan also do not suggest that pregnant women tan as not enough research has been done on the unborn feotus. Classic Tan (Tanned Patootie) adhere to international solarium standards. Spray tans can be undertaken at 16 years, however must be accompanied by a parent, otherwise you can tan at age 18. 


 No, you do not have to wear clothing. Just be mindful there are some areas that have not previously been exposed to UV light, therefore may burn if you leave exposed for the full time of your tan session. I would recommend exposing for short periods and then build that time up. Areas like bottoms, personal areas, under-arms and women's breasts should be tanned slowly and minimally. We hygienically clean each bed.


Gel Nails

 In order to provide great nails and reduce health risks to the wearer and to staff Classic Tan (Tanned Patootie) have opted only to provide soft gel nail extensions. We use a premium product - Apre's Gel-X nails, and have decided to use vegan, cruelty free products. We typically use 7-10 free polish - gel and standard polish. The standard polish can be used for children as it has no nasty ingredients. We offer gel and standard manicures and pedicures as well.


LED Photon Therapy Light