Welcome to Classic Tan and Beauty

Classic Tan and Beauty invites you to visit us for a unique tanning, beauty and teeth whitening experience.

We are your "Tanning & Beauty One Stop Shop" providing you with everything you need to tan, whether from UV lights, spray tanning or tan in a bottle, to long luscious lashes and pearly white teeth. Don't forget to check out our sizzling hot bikinis in the salon or in our online shop.

We create a professional and friendly environment by:

  • Promoting a controlled, safe and smart tanning regime
  • Providing up to date information about tanning and the tanning process, health and safety information
  • Making it a fun environment and enjoyable experience
  • Taking a genuine interest in our customers
  • Providing well maintained anyd hygenic tanning equipment and premises

Classic Tan & Beauty operates according to the Ministry of Health Sunlamps guidelines and the new Standards New Zealand solaria standards.

We are also registered with NZ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association.

Welcome to our two talented technicians

Please welcome Tyler Zoe our Full Time Beautician & Tanning Technician.  She is a qualified Makeup Artist and beautician.  She has a passion for Makeup artistry and loves to enhance her clients faces by ensuring the brows frame the face to show off their best features.  She loves how Henna stains the brow to give structure and likes to add lash lifts and tints to make your morning beauty routine easier.  

We also have a talented dancer amongst us; please welcome Mia.  Mia is our tanning technician and receptionist.  Mia has been dancing for 14 years and has been blessed to travel the world.  She will be working part time while she launches herself on the world stage - expect to see her make waves in the dancing world.  Mia is "super pumped to be a part of the team here and can't wait to meet all of you."  She reminds you to tell all your friends about us! 

Special Packages

$99 - Makeup and Spray-tan

$70 - Spray-tan for two people

$65 - Lash Lift & Tint

Anti-Aging & Acne LED Light Therapy 

We focus on providing non-invasive beauty solutions.  Our newest service is LED Light Therapy sessions that targets skin aging and acne issues.  See improvements by regularly including a 25 minute session once or twice a week over a 4-8 week period.  Results will depend on the severity of skin issues. 

Teeth Whitening

We offer in chair teeth whitening services using the latest LED ultrasonic technology and Osmo dental gel.  You can now get your teeth at least 3-5 shades white within 45-60 minutes.  Typical results have seen up to 8 shades whiter.