Beauty Services  

We have wedding packages available which includes:

  • Spray Tan (trial & pre wedding
  • Teeth Whitening (bride or bride and groom)
  • Lash & Brow shaping, tinting, lash lifts, Brow Henna or Lamination

LED Light Therapy

Light therapy is a non invasive treatment and does not use Ultraviolet Light.  There is no down time with LED light therapy.  A full session lasts 25 minutes. To get the full benefits from LED therapy aproximately 10 sessions over the course of 4-6 weeks would be required.  Best results are achieved when partnering light therapy sessions with the use of serums and moisturisers.   

Red light therapy for anti-aging benefits.  The light penetrates the skin in order to facilitate collagen production which plumps the skin to minimise and improve wrinkles, fine lines and texture of the skin.  Red light is also usedi in conjunction with Blue Light to assist in repairing skin damage caused by acne.

Blue light therapy for treatment of acne breakout. Used to treat mild to moderate acne. The light has an antimicrobial effect that kills bacteria on the skin and in pores and oil glands that produce acne.  To treat acne you should also use light therapy in conjunction with topical treatments.

Blue light also oxidises free radicals which age the skin, so this is great for anti-aging benefits as well. 




LED Light Therapy
10 Session LED Light Therapy
3 Session LED Light Therapy